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Updated on 04.09.2020

Important Information Regarding COVID-19: 


We are aware that there may be a lot of anxiety and questions regarding the recent spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and we want you to know that we are here for you and your family.

Fortunately, most children have been recovering well from the corona virus infections. The current recommendation of the CDC is to keep your child home if they have a mild upper respiratory symptom and to call our office with questions of concerns. Unfortunately, our office is not equipped to test for coronavirus, if this is something you would like done please call us for guidance

Our priority is to keep you, your children, and our staff safe, so our office is taking the following precautions.

Well Visits: At this time our providers are recommending that patients under the age of 5 requiring vaccinations continue to come in for the regularly scheduled well child visits. Patients over the age of 5 are being asked to reschedule their well visits until later in the year. We ask that you limit the number of family members who accompany patients into the office, and try to leave other siblings or grandparents home when possible to limit exposure.

Sick Visits: In an effort to limit the number of children coming into the office, we are now offering Telehealth Services for the majority of our sick patients. Please note these telehealth services are still billed to your insurance, and depending on your coverage you may be billed for a copay or deductible. As always, we ask that you call our office before coming in as we do not accept walk-in patients. If you or your child has a cough, fever, shortness of breathsore throat, vomiting or diarrhea we ask that you speak to a physician before coming in. 

We are making every effort to minimize time spent in the waiting room, but if you prefer to wait in your car please call our office when you arrive. We are also removing all books and magazines from our waiting room and sanitizing our office periodically throughout the day.

What we know about COVID-19 changes every day.  This is a “novel” virus, which means it is new to all of us and explains why infection is so widespread once it hits a geographical area.  We have all had other coronavirus infections, just not THIS coronavirus infection.

Updated on 04.09.2020

To stay up-to-date on the most current information about COVID-19, we recommend checking these sites regularly:




























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Our Mission:

  • At Pediatric Associates, our goal is to provide the highest quality medical care while maintaining an environment that both child and parent find comfortable and reassuring.
  • We believe that the well being of your child is our number one priority, and this begins with your initial phone call to our practice. Our highly trained staff will do their best to accommodate your every need.
  • Our practice is unique in two respects. First, we have only one office located here in Cheshire. And second, only board certified pediatric physicians treat your children.  We do not have any nurses, physician assistants, or advanced practice registered nurses (APRN’s). You choose one of our excellent physicians as your child’s primary pediatrician, and they will see that doctor for all of their well care and the vast majority of their sick visits.